The Two Sided Face


Finally, after 12 years in the making, the new album from my side project, The Supahip, is available for preorder on Big Radio Records. If you order now you’ll receive an immediate digital copy of the album with a CD to follow in June. Score a copy at BANDCAMP.

Here’s my ramble lifted from Facebook about the making of the album:

While I wait for my new solo album
to be mixed n mastered
Other projects are coming to fruition
it can feel like nothing is happening
yet all the while
behind the scenes
wheels are slowly turning
and now,
we ease the handbrake off
and begin to roll
first in the queue
is this
The Supahip
A side project with my old compadre
Michael Carpenter
He’s produced things for me in the past
We’ve worked together
co-producing the albums of others
we’ve shared the stage in various guises
and way back in about 2007
we started the 2nd Supahip album
A collection of songs
Taking up
from where we left off on our debut
each song
in a single day
Start the day with nothing
Sun goes down
we have…
Occasionally disagreeing
no surprises there
that’s always a big part of any joint project
But in the spirit of the project –
more about friendship than anything else –
we quickly move on
….we’re very different
yet we’re much the same….
Collaboration would be pointless
without a little push n pull
And it’s only music, ain’t it?
A mutual love of McCartneys 70’s period
is often the main catalyst of inspiration
and to the naysayers
even the occasional granny songs
even the eccentric naff songs (especially those)
even the sentimental ballads
his bouncing bass lines
or the cheesy thumbs up pop songs
they all still give me a warm
nostalgic glow
McCartney and Ram
remain in my all time favourite albums list
throw in Carpenter’s love
of upbeat power pop
his enthusiastic passion for
Petty, Springsteen, The Beach Boys
alongside Matthew Sweet and Cotton Mather
and my soft spot for melancholy melodies
a Paul Simon inspired lyrical twist
or a Costello-ish musical turn of phrase..
somehow when we get into the same room
a song will arise
unashamedly upbeat
and we commit it to tape
the mood of the day
wherever the whim may take us
we’ve laughed a lot making this
we laughed just as hard
making the album art
we laugh at ourselves
and each other
we’re certainly not taking ourselves
too seriously here
I mean it’s only taken 12 years
to complete this musical collection
If you’ve made it this far through
this ramble –
“The Two Sided Face”
Will be available for preorder
at Bandcamp on Big Radio Records
April 2nd (tomorrow)
Head on over to The Supahip FB page
and give us a friendly like
….more details soon
Along with upcoming news on other fronts


A few weeks ago we made a start on the follow-up to An Ear To The Earth. I enjoyed making that album so much that I’ve decided to recreate the same atmosphere and record this album in much the same way. So we set up camp in a house at Frenchs Forest for 4 days and captured 10 songs live to an analog tape machine.

Once again Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke) is sitting in the producers chair and Chris Colquhoun is engineering. The old band members all returned: Scott Hutchings (Drums), Reuben Wills (Bass), Adam Lang (Slide and Banjo) and Jamie Hutchings jumped on his trusty Jazzmaster for electric guitar duties. I’m quietly (super) pleased with the results and will be champing at the bit to share it with you.

It’ll be a while before we’ll have anything to make public – but you should finally see some more activity here at Moldre HQ.  Watch out for my new Recording Diary and Studio Pics.




When I first recorded An Ear To The Earth I set a goal of creating a clip for every song on the album. Finally I’ve reached the target. Last Card marks the 10th clip and the conclusion of my Black and White Western Trilogy that began with “Where Will I Be?” and “Bone Orchard”. Last Card was directed by Ben Jones of Red Bird Films.

Lots of news coming up soon. Watch this space.



Dashville Skyline


Hey folks I’ll be heading north to the Hunter Valley with banjo/slide master Adam Lang to play the Sunday Wind Down Exclusive at Dashville for the closing of the Dashville Skyline Cosmic Country Weekender on Sunday October 2nd. You can snag tickets HERE


Check out the complete lineup which includes Brian Cadd, Henry Wagons, The Brothers Comatose, Melody Pool, William Crighton, Jordie Lane, Charles Jenkins, Jason Walker and more HERE


It’s been awhile. But, finally the songwriting side of my brain is stirring. We had our first stripped back rehearsal for a batch of new songs. Reuben’s Mum was a fine host and made us a grain free lunch and a fine supply of home brewed black coffee. Here’s a pic to prove that we’ve actually made a start. #soitbegins

Lounge Room

O, Dreamtime Blues


Heya Folks
Things have been quiet here at Moldre HQ for a while
But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things a-happening behind the curtain.
Whilst I’ve been trying to awaken the slumbering half of my brain that writes songs
(oh, and there are some new tunes that have made it into my notebook)
I’ve been busy coming up with the next clip in our series from An Ear To The Earth And this means that we only have one to go so that every track on the album has an accompanying clip
This time round my collaborator has been my favourite movie director
My 14 year old daughter Bronte
We worked together on a concept, created a storyboard and designed a costume
Filmed the clip on her iPad – with my banjo/slide players (Adam Lang) young son – William Lang
William certainly deserves an Oscar nod for his performance
Bronte then edited all the footage and assembled it as you see it below
I couldn’t be prouder of the result
So, here’s the new one O, Dreamtime Blues
The closing track from An Ear To The Earth

PS. A few months back I received a  message that from a French pastry chef and her staff about how much they enjoyed my new song Madeleine which they’d been playing on YouTube. In fact they said the song was tastier than their very own French Madeleine pastries – I was chuffed so I sent them a copy of the album. Their response has left me speechless.

A few weeks later I received a parcel which contained a bottle of French wine and a USB stick full of all their favourite French music. At the bottom of the box was a letter and a small wooden carving – which was actually a pen knife called on Opinel. Apparently its a French institution that French men and some women carry one for cutting bread or cheese (they receive one at a young age). This particular knife though was purchased from a French artist who will carve your likeness into the handle – he usually refuses to work from a photo but chef’s Severine and Charlotte went to visit him with Beef Bourguignon, Chocolate Cake and a bottle of wine to be sure that he would accept.

My daughter now thinks I’m famous. I’m enjoying that while it lasts. Incredible kindness from wonderful people that I’ve never met on the other side of the globe – it really knocked me off my feet. The Opinel also appears in the new clip!

Bisous x



Upcoming Shows

Hey folks – just a quick update to let you know that I have two shows coming up over the next few weeks. First up I’ll be opening for Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses as they launch their new album “Tunnel At The End Of The Light” at Newcastle Lizotte’s on Saturday 18th July.  Multi-instrumentalist Adam Lang will be joining me onstage with his trusty banjo and lap slide. Be quick to snap up a ticket – it’s almost sold out. GET TIX HERE.


It’s been a long while since I’ve returned to Sydney with my band in tow – too long – about 9 months in fact. So to rectify that I’ll be playing a one off show at The Vanguard On Wednesday August 5th. My old friend, producer Michael Carpenter has been hosting a regular night of Alt- Country aptly named The Wild Wild Inner West Review – Michael will be closing the night with his band The Cuban Heels and we’ll also be joined by Bree De Rome and Jason Walker. Tickets are already available HERE.


National Folk Festival Gallery/Upcoming Show


National Folk Festival we bid you adieu – it’s been grand. 5 shows over 4 days. Double bassist Reuben Wills performing much Yiddish dancing to Greshka (who were amazing). Fine food. Gallons of coffee. Jamie Hutchings lost (and found again) floor tom drum (not *futon* as lost property misunderstood) Vodka. Gin. Beer. Tent side concert for Col and Clare (competition winners) . Adam Lang’s banjo speed picking. Michael Carpenter filling in on the drummers stool and blowing our minds. Mando jams with Trent Crawford. New friends and catching up with old ones. Tireless efforts from concert booker Little Paper Doll. Musical overload.. Lack of sleep.
Mark Mordor and the Champagne Commodore.
Can we do it all again?


Bryan Estepa Gig

I’ll be opening for old chum and label mate Bryan Estepa on Saturday May 30th at the Mars Hill Cafe Parramatta – we’ve long talked about doing a show together and finally found a mutually agreeable date. Bryan is a great performer and has just returned from a successful European tour – check out his tour diary here. There’s a rumour going round that we may possibly play a tune together. Tickets are really limited – this is a super intimate venue. Tix can be purchased HERE

Ted McGee: 8pm
Mark Moldre: 8:45pm
Bryan Estepa : 9:30pm



Mark Moldre And Adam Lang. Last Ever Show at Lizotte’s Central Coast. Pic By Frankie Kay

Farewell to the Lizotte’s Central Coast Cubby House. Adam and I just played our last show on that stage to a full house with loads of great local acts. $1000 raised for the Cancer Council. Plenty of mixed emotions – that room had become so familiar it seemed like my own lounge room. Kudos and gratitude to Brian and Jo Lizotte for their unwavering support of local artists over the years – and all the best for whatever lies ahead for them….starting with Lizotte’s Newcastle…Onward and upward…


It’s certainly been a while since my last post – here’s a quick round up of all the news.



The countdown is now on for our shows at The National Folk Festival in the heart of the A.C.T. I’ll be taking the complete band line up with me – we’ll be playing 4 shows across the dates of Thursday April 2nd – Monday April 6th. You can check out the program at the National Folk Festival’s HQ right HERE. We’re also very happy to be joined by special guest drummer (and all round instrumentalist) Michael Carpenter who will be filling in for our regular time keeper Scott Hutchings. We’re looking forward to playing alongside loads of Australian and International acts like Mustered Courage, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Kim Richey, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Shane Howard and bucketloads more.


An Ear To The Earth meets Ear To The Ground (US Music Blog) – obviously that meeting was destiny. It warms the cockles of this old heart to see that even after all this time, An Ear To The Earth is still reaching people – as far as Pennsylvania. Thanks to the folks there for writing such an in depth review.

“Not since I first heard Pokey Lafarge have I been so impressed with an artist’s ability to capture a bygone era. A bit of the 1930s in sonic form, Mark Moldre‘s old soul transports listeners back to the Great Depression’s saddest of speakeasies. It’s quintessential American and straight from Australia. It’s freshly old. It’s minimalistic and full band. This album of contradictions is just what your sophisticated music palate has been dying to hear.”

Read the review in full HERE

And even though An Ear To The Earth came out in 2013 – I’ll happily accept coming in at No. 13 on this list alongside Ryan Adams, Kasey Chambers, The Autumn Defense, Sturgill Simpson and more.



Our latest video creation also received a round of positive reviews including these few listed below:

“Somewhere around the or acoustica pigeonholes would be the easy option to place Mark Moldre. But his Ear To The Earth album took some tangents from those bases. Madeleine (Laughing Outlaw) celebrates one of those default impossibly cool blondes from old Hitchcock movies – in this case, Kim Novak in Vertigo – with a hushed, almost near jazzy, approach that really deserves a wider audience” TheMusic.Com.Au

“Madeleine is a gorgeous shimmering song like the last lonely sway and shuffle on a deserted dance floor” Post To Wire

“Sydney singer-songwriter Mark Moldre has had a prolific year when it comes to producing new music videos. His latest, “Madeleine”, is the eighth to be taken from his album An Ear To The Earth and is one of the smoothest to date” Timber And Steel

Have you seen the clip yet? Check it out below


The Brag

As the National Folk Festival dates are creeping closer I had a chat with The Brag. You can check it out HERE.

I’m sad to say that I’ll be playing my last ever show at Lizottes, Kincumber on Wednesday 15th April. I’ve played so many shows on that stage that it feels like my own lounge room – owner Brian Lizotte has hand picked a final ‘Live And Local’ line up to say farewell as Lizottes closes it’s doors for good – which includes a who’s who of Central Coast acts that have graced the cubby house stage more times than they care to count. We’ll be playing a few songs each. You can book by calling (02) 4368 2017.
Remember if you’d like to keep up with all the latest news as it happens head on over and like our Facebook Page or follow the goings on at Instagram @markmoldre including news about a brand new product from France – a Mark Moldre Pen Knife (otherwise known as an Opinel) – don’t believe us? Check it out HERE