Hey folks

A lot has happened in the world since I last posted – and I’m struggling, like the rest of you to take it all in. Currently we’re into our 12th week of lockdown here in NSW, Australia. Remaining creative isn’t always easy, and I’ll admit I’ve been struggling to write. Lyrics aren’t coming as naturally as they used to. Melodies appear and fade. Chord progressions are softly strummed and promptly forgotten. Yet, despite the involunatry brain slump I’ve managed to start work on a new album, summoned up some new motivation and slowly (slowly slowly) something fresh is falling into place.

Here’s an update on a few happenings from the past year. 

Last May I took my usual comrades into the studio for a few days and we started work on a brand new album. We managed to get four songs in before COVID restrictions brought everything to a crashing halt. We are working with engineer Tim Kevin (Holly Throsby, Youth Group, The Apartments) out at Tempe River Studios. We’re managing to continue working remotely for the time being. Here’s a bunch of happy snaps.

As we need all the help we can get to continue this music making malarkey I’m offering a couple of sweet deals on Fever Dreams so as to raise some money for our new recordings. So if you missed out the first time round, or only just got yourself a turntable here’s the best prices yet for Fever Dreams:

Fever Dreams on vinyl with a Free Tote Bag (Only a couple of tote bags left) for $29 with Free Shipping Australia Wide. 

Fever Dreams on CD for $15 with Free Shipping Australia Wide.

Fever Dreams 9 CD Handmade Box Set plus Fever Dreams on vinyl for $109 plus shipping. (Only One Left)

We appreciate your support, it really means a lot – especially during these weird times.

In other news, my bandmates, Jamie Hutchings, Reuben Wills and Scott Hutchings also make 3/4’s of Sydney noisemakers Infinity Broke. They have just released a new album Your Dream My Jail which is currently available on vinyl and CD and you can grab a copy HERE

I also created the clip for their first single Death Of A Tourist which premiered at Rolling Stone Australia. Who had this to say: “With the song released earlier this month, it’s now been accompanied by a Mark Moldre-directed video, featuring the group performing the track in an industrial environment, armed with masks and the same sort of devil-may-care attitude that helps to turn a track like “Death of A Tourist” into a powerful, lingering piece of musical expression.”

I’ve been listening to loads of music and doing some reading while in lockdown, here’s the shortlist:

The Felice Brothers : 3 new songs – from their upcoming release From Dreams To Dust – all 3 are brilliant I think this could be my fave release for 2021.
Howe Gelb : Cocoon
Jeff Tweedy : Love Is The King
Bill Callahan : Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt: Made Of Sound
John Lennon : The Plastic Ono Band
Marc Ribot : Silent Movies
Infinity Broke : Your Dream My Jail
Restless Leg : Dream Buffet
Toby Martin : I Felt The Valley Lifting
Nathan Salsburg : Psalms
Eagle And The Wold : Two Lovers
David Crosby : If I Could Only Remember My Name
The Feast Of Snakes : The Feast Of Snakes

Klara and The Sun : Kazuo Ishiguro
The Unconsoled : Kazuo Ishiguro
How To Write One Song : Jeff Tweedy
Wandering : Hermann Hesse
Room To Dream : David Lynch and Kristine McKenna
Emily Dickinson : My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun
Tom T. Hall : The Songwriters Handbook
Edited By Yasmine Gooneratne : Poems From India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Singapore
Sylvie Simmons: I’m Your Man The Life Of Leonard Cohen

Anyway folks, it’s nice to catch up with you.

take care and go gently

lots of love

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