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Mark Moldre Solo Releases


Mark Moldre is a singer/songwriter from northern NSW in Australia. He fronted 4 piece Hitchcock’s Regret for a 7 year period and recorded his first solo release in 2009 – the EP Troubled Genius (the title inspired by the Phil Spector trial). In 2010 he followed up with the LP The Waiting Room and the EP This Romantic Day under the guiding influence of Tim Powles (The Church), Michael Carpenter and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil).

Mark gained Sydney residencies, festival spots and supports in iconic Australian venues like The Enmore Theatre and The National in Melbourne with acts such as The Church, Tex Perkins, Steve Kilbey, Mark Seymour, iOTA, Toni Collette, The Break, The Backsliders, Jim Moginie and The Gin Club.  This period saw Mark touring with new onstage partner, Adam Lang – a talented multi instrumentalist who played a drumkit made from a suitcase, biscuit tin and motorcycle disc brake along with banjo, lap slide, theremin, xylophone and whatever else they could fit in the boot of a car.

The Waiting Room was well received, gaining four-star reviews and steady airplay across Australia.  After hearing the new album Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst chose Mark as one of his Top 10 Creative Sydney-ites for the VIVID festival and was moved to say about Mark’s new album ““A beautifully produced album of melancholic melodies; sad, grand, scary. 4 stars.”

In 2012 Mark called childhood friend and one time Bluebottle Kiss front man Jamie Hutchings to add his customary spit, grit and sandpaper to a swag of new tunes that would see Mark’s dreamy, melancholy previous fare turned on it’s head. The result was An Ear To The Earth – recorded live and direct to reel-to-reel tape. Not a computer in sight. Along with engineer Chris Colquhoun and long time sidemen Scott Hutchings, Reuben Wills and Adam Lang they laid down the tracks over a period of six days in a small guesthouse beside the beach hamlet of Avalon.

 An Ear To The Earth is filled with dark corners, tender romance, redemption and death, human struggle versus biblical consequences, dreams and bad weather. It’s gritty and smooth, poignant whilst occasionally raucous, diverse – and yet somehow it all hangs together. It’s Moldre’s musical history across 10 varying chapters. An Ear To The Earth has already received four star reviews and strong radio support.

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD CD OF THE WEEK “Imagine a less garrulous and noisy Tom Waits (for example the New orleans brass and clarinet in Everything I Need Is Here) a late-night Ryan Adams (the droopy eyed Dreamtime Blues) and a kind of Sydney Willie Nelson (I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her) and you’ll have a sense of the relaxed but never actually soft atmosphere here.” Bernard Zuel

 To find out more about the recording read Mark’s diary entry here

Read the Press release for An Ear To The Earth here

Mark is currently working on the follow up to An Ear To The Earth. A new collection of songs have been recorded and are well and truly on the way to your ears…. 


Hitchcock’s Regret


 Hitchcock’s Regret released two albums internationally on Laughing Outlaw Records – their debut, the self produced Regretfulness in 2001 followed up by their sophomore release Her Life In Reverse in 2003 – produced by Michael Carpenter. Loads of great reviews followed and the band just started to hit its stride live when a night of synchronicity eventuated. Drummer/producer for Oz legends The Church, Tim Powles, turned up at a show in Sydney – on a recommendation from Church front man Steve Kilbey.  Powles went on to produce the album that followed, endless_intermission and signed the band to his label Spacejunk. The new album and the accompanying single Happiness was well received by the Australian press/TV and radio and Moldre hit the road with his new swag of tunes supporting The Church nationally. This period of time also saw the release of the LP Seize The World – a side project with producer Michael Carpenter ironically named The Supahip (with tongues planted firmly in cheek). The upbeat, summery long player was recorded over a period of 12 days. Mark and Michael would arrive at the studio each day without a song – and then sit down and write, rehearse, record and mix the song by days end. The album was released internationally to strong reviews. (They followed up 12 years later in 2018 with a new long player, The Two-Sided Face). A health crash in the year of 2006 meant that Mark put all projects, including Hitchcock’s Regret, on the backburner.

 “I wish I had Moldre’s gift for melodies.  He’s got this pop thing completely sussed, and in a more equal world that would put him at the top of a heap that starts with Lennon/McCartney” Drum Media

 “Mark Moldre has the perfect rich honey pop voice, writes hook laden intelligent, sophisticated, creamy pop songs that shine with quality and depth and is a top notch guitarist to boot” Bucketful Of Brains

 “Moldre, who, aside from playing “guitarsaplenty” also has a go at everything from Theremin to Mellotron, autoharp and thumb-tack piano, making him either a show off or a genius, maybe both” Australian Guitar Player


The Two Sided Face (2018) Big Radio Records

Running Blind / Motor / When I Started Falling Apart / You Can’t See Me ? Let It Go, Brother / Fourarms / New Year / Got To Keep On Moving / With The Radio On / The Only Living Boy In New York / Domino / Time To Turn The Page

An Ear To The Earth (2013) Laughing Outlaw Records

An Ear To The Earth CoverArt

Everything I Need / Nowhere At All / Madeleine / Where Will I Be? / I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her / Killer Anxiety / Last Card / Four Winds / Bone Orchard/ O, Dreamtime Blues / Plus iTunes Bonus Tracks / Small Town / Letters

This Romantic Day EP (2010) Yellow Moon Records


This Romantic Day / Jerry / The Buzzing Of Bees (Timebandit Powles Spooky Mix) / Antidote (co-write with Tim Powles) / Troubled Genius (MC Rough Mix) / This Romantic Day (Original Demo) / Bob Dylan’s Bible (Original Demo of These Things) / Bronte And The Carousel (Complete Version)

The Waiting Room (2010) Yellow Moon Records

The Waiting Room

The Buzzing Of Bees / In This Life / Troubled Genius / This Romantic Day / The Waiting Room / Lifeboat / Ferris Wheel / These Things/Bronte And The Carousel/ (If I Could Only Ever Be) The Man You Dreamed I’d Be / These Birds / Smoke

In This Life Single (2010) Yellow Moon Records

In This Life Single Cover

In This Life / The Waiting Room

Troubled Genius EP (2009) Yellow Moon Records

Troubled Genius

Troubled Genius / The Songs That I’d Forgotten / Hushabye Mountain / Milkwood Moon

Hitchcock’s Regret – endless/intermission (2006) Spacejunk


opening/credits:milk&secrets / {your}apathy[is killing me] / uwon’tcmeanymore / happiness / goodnightchet / sparks+rain / yourbigmistake / inkstain / burieddeepbeneathmyskin / nothingreallymatters / theperfectending / thegreatescape / lastday/endcredits

The Supahip – Seize The World (2006) Big Radio Records


Like Love / Tulsa / Everything’s Alright / Something’s Gotta Give / No Tomorrow / Wouldn’t It Be Good / Satellite / Falling Backwards / The Radio / Hanging By A Thread / Ultra Black Light / Let Go (Around The Sun)

Hitchcock’s Regret – Her Life In Reverse (2003) Laughing Outlaw 

Her Life In reverse

How I Wish You Were Her / She’s Looking Through Me / She’s All That I Think About/ Space And Time / Tripping On A Wire / Alfred’s Delight etc / In The Summer / Don’t Wait / Bitter / Milkwood Moon / Jozybeck Blues / Salisbury / The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

Hitchcock’s Regret – Regretfulness (2001) Laughing Outlaw

Main Cover Final

Amnesia / Jerry / (You’re Not) The Only One / Regretfulness Pt I / Head In The Clouds / Small Town / The World Didn’t Care / I Don’t Love You Anymore / Gregory Street / Love Is Simple / Reprise / Regretfulness Pt II (A Haunted Conversation) / Looking At Myself / Things Can Go So Wrong / In From The Woods