Mark Moldre Guitar Tuition



Mark is currently teaching at MusicWorks, Erina, NSW.

1B/172-176 The Entrance Rd Erina NSW Australia

Mark Moldre has been playing guitar for over 40 years. For 30 of those years he has been working as a recording artist, teacher and live performer.  He’s released a swag of albums under his own name and with various bands. Mark has had the pleasure of sharing the stage over the years with members of Midnight Oil, The Church, Hunters & Collectors and Cold Chisel (and plenty more) with many of them asking me back on repeat occasions. He has played in bands that have covered styles from acoustic folk, rock and singer/songwriter genres through to reggae, funk and jazz in festivals across Australia and overseas. 

But…playing on loads of albums or sharing the stage with well known bands doesn’t necessarily make a good teacher.

Mark’s goals are to tailor each lesson around your interests, rather than teach a ‘method’.  To uncover your own aspirations and develop a plan that makes sure you remain enthusiastic about the instrument, regardless of your age. It’s important to him that he focus on the reasons that YOU want to play guitar.

​Are you a singer/songwriter?

Do you want to accumulate a large repertoire of well known songs?

Is your goal to understand music theory? To understand modes and arpeggios?

To learn to play guitar solos or delve into blues and jazz styled improvisation?

Are you a beginner?

A young child?

An older person who loves standards and classics from the 40’s and 50’s? 

​Whatever the case may be, Mark’s intention will be to patiently and kindly teach you the things that you want to learn…..and most importantly make sure that you are having fun.


Recently he has also been working with singer/songwriters and guitarists in preparation for their first time in a studio environment. Mark has spent countless hours in the studio – playing on his own material and as an on-call session guitarist – so he understand the nerves and trepidation that can be involved in heading into a recording environment for the first time. Mark was also a finalist in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition for not just one, but two songs from his album Fever Dreams.

Here’s a list of areas where Mark can help:

1. Being sure that your song is ready. Structure/Arrangement: Do you have an intro and ending? Does it need reshaping? Is it too long and rambling? Could it use a musical change – a bridge? Do the lyrics need sharpening?

2. Where does it fit from a genre point of view? This is integral to approaching your song from the right angle.

3. Instrumentation – what do you hear on the track? Do you need to hire musicians?

4. Playing to a click track. Choosing a tempo.

5. Understanding the processes of a studio day.

All of these things can be intimidating to anyone first stepping into a recording session. Mark can even assist in finding the best studio/producer for you and sourcing the right musicians. 

Songwriter Peter Ward had this to say:

“I came to Mark as a guitarist and songwriter who needed help getting my material ready for the recording studio. Mark helped me focus on my song structures, chord progressions, timing and playing to a click track. He boosted my confidence so that I was able to go and record an entire album. It was a fantastic experience and Mark assisted me all the way – from the writing to the production of the final songs. He even played and sang backing vocals on all the tracks. My album ended up being an album of the week pick on the ABC”


“Mark is an excellent teacher whom I would recommend for people of all ages. He makes lessons   really fun and engaging . I am now regularly gigging on the Central Coast and have recorded my performances in a recording studio. With Mark’s mentoring I have also been writing my own material and have now recorded some of my own songs.”
Ella Powell

“Mark was very cruisey and easy to learn from and was happy to teach to my interests which was great. Now I play guitar in my own band The Moving Stills and we’ve been touring and receiving radio airplay”
Tom Mahler

“I learnt from Mark for a few years leading up to Year 12. Thanks to his patience and attention to detail I topped my year in my HSC Music performances.”
Harry Wright

“Mark’s ability to cross over genres – whether Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk or even a little Metal – is a great talent. As a beginner, intermediate or advanced player his teaching method is patient and deliberate. I have learnt more this year with Mark than I had in the previous 10 years of lessons elsewhere.”
David Lambert

“The thing I appreciated the most when it came to guitar lessons with Mark over the years was his time. I had guitar lessons with Mark for over 10 years – and whether it was his patience in teaching me my first F chord or breaking down a strange new song that I turned up with at a lesson – the challenge was never too great. The time that he spent resulted in me releasing an EP.  Mark even turned up as a guest performer on my launch night.”
Nathan Jensen

“Mark helped me to improvise in a variety of styles. He taught me attention to detail, especially when preparing for performances. I was chosen to play guitar at Youth In Performing Arts a couple of years in a row. Thanks to Mark’s efforts I came first in my HSC Music performance exams.”
Xavier Albert