NSW singer-songwriter Mark Moldre releases ‘New Suit’ the second single from his forthcoming album, Nambucca Fables, due out April 14th.

“There is a quiet fortitude in the delivery and a melody and majestic framework that echoes songwriters as astute and eloquent as Moldre: Mark Oliver Everett from The Eels, Elvis Costello or Bruce Springsteen. This is a track that is heartbreakingly beautiful in its capture of loss and its quiet celebration of memory and love.”
Backseat Mafia

On the back of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign for his fourth solo album Nambucca Fables, Mark released his first new single ‘Every Waking Hour‘ (which premiered on Double J‘s Tower of Song with Henry Wagons and on Backseat Mafia), four years after his acclaimed album Fever Dreams

Now he reveals single number two, the wistful melodies and bittersweet jangle and sway of ‘New Suit‘.

Following on from the personal reflections that made up ‘Every Waking Hour‘, ‘New Suit’ poetically conveys the disorientation and psychological haze of experiencing his mother’s funeral. The song gradually swells and transforms from doubt and weariness to a kind of emphatic mantra with the cyclical and repeating line “Your love will live for evermore”. Even the darkest clouds have silver linings, eventually.

“You just want that day to end. You go through the motions. People speak to you and you don’t really hear what they’re saying. You become a ghost for a day, wandering from group to group of mourners but not really engaging. A grey hallucination in a New Suit.

The intricate interplay between the guitars of Moldre and Jamie Hutchings provide the sonic mesh that holds the song together, the nuances providing fascinating musical details that exist at the intersection between intelligent pop songs, and hallucinogenic folk and country music.

The song’s monochromatic video clip poignantly and perfectly conveys that sense of loneliness and dislocation that hangs heavy in the air ahead of final farewells.

Listen to New Suit HERE

Pre-order Mark Moldre’s upcoming album Nambucca Fables on LTD Edition Gatefold vinyl, CD and digital HERE

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