Want To Hear An Ear To The Earth?

An Ear To The Earth CoverArt

The big news is that the release date of my brand new album An Ear To The Earth has crept up on us. It’s already been receiving spins on JJJ, ABC, 2SerFM, RRR and FBi. You can now grab a copy of the brand new 10 track long player at the Laughing Outlaw website…and if you’re so inclined you can snap up a signed copy. It’s worth grabbing a physical copy just to see the excellent art that graphic artist Brett Curzon designed for the booklet. He’s a genius without a doubt. The album was produced by my old friend and musical wizard Jamie Hutchings and recorded live straight to 1″ reel to reel tape over a six day period. It was mixed by Chris Colquhoun (an absolute master of the controls). We’re all super proud of the results. You can pick up the album here:


But, if you’re one of those people who’ve given up buying CD’s you can download a copy on iTunes. Great news is the iTunes version is a bonus edition.  It features 2 bonus tracks which were recorded during the Ear To The Earth sessions. One of them is a track that I found difficult to relegate to the sidelines of the album, but I’m really happy to be able to offer it to you now. Jamie and I co-wrote the song together – and recorded it together live, very sparingly – featuring only my vocal and acoustic guitar whilst Jamie played slide guitar in another room of the studio/guesthouse. It’s called Letters and I think for anyone who has purchased a copy of the album already – this is a track worth owning. The second bonus track is a revisit of an old Hitchcock’s Regret song called Small Town – from our first album Regretfulness – which originally came out way back in 2001. You can get the Bonus Edition of An Ear To The Earth here:



Love Mark



23 Laughing Outlaw Artists. Songs By Springsteen.

Springsteen Tribute

A couple of months back I recorded a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song called Jesus Was An Only Son from the album Devils And Dust – once again with Jamie Hutchings in the producers chair. As you can see in the pic below we were recording like it was 1984 – straight to a Tascam four track cassette recorder. The song was for a double album full of reinterpretations of Springsteen classics and it’s out now on Laughing Outlaw Records. The limited edition double CD also features extensive liner notes written by our illustrious label leader, Stuart Coupe, who has interviewed Springsteen on numerous occasions. You can purchase a copy of the 22 track release at Laughing Outlaw or on iTunes.

Jamie At The Controls


Killer Anxiety

Here’s the first taste from the upcoming album An Ear To The Earth. It’s a calypso fuelled panic attack. A percussion driven nervous breakdown. Limbo as you sip a tequila and down Valium. An Ear To The Earth will be out real soon……

Produced by Jamie Hutchings. Mixed By Jamie Hutchings and Chris Colquhoun. Out on Laughing Outlaw Records April 5.


An Ear To The Earth

An Ear To The Earth CoverArt

Here’s a first look at the album art for my latest recording which will be out on Laughing Outlaw Records on April 5th. The album is entitled An Ear To The Earth and contains 10 brand new tracks. Below you’ll find the track listing and credits – for any of you who’ve caught a show in the last year or so – well, you may recognise a few of the titles.

Side One

Everything I Need

Nowhere At All


Where Will I Be?

I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her

Side Two

Killer Anxiety

Last Card

Four Winds

Bone Orchard

O, Dreamtime Blues

Produced by Jamie Hutchings

Engineered by Chris Colquhoun

Mixed by Chris Colquhoun and Jamie Hutchings

This long player was recorded direct to reel-to-reel tape, live at a small guesthouse at Avalon. (Thanks to the Mort family for the use of their space). Tape transfer was accomplished at Linear Recording.

The Players:

Mark Moldre: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Nylon String Guitar, Banjo, Melodica, Stomps, Claps

Jamie Hutchings: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Stomps, Claps

Scott Hutchings: Drums, Percussion, Stomps, Group Vocals, Claps

Reuben Wills: Double Bass, Group Vocals, Musical Saw, Stomps, Claps

Adam Lang: Banjo, Lap Slide, Pedal Steel, Stomps, Claps

Lee Hutchings: Clarinet

Jochen Gutsch: Trumpet

Gregory Bennett: Tuba, Trombone

All songs written by Mark Moldre except

I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her (Moldre/J. Hutchings)

Arrangement assistance by Jamie Hutchings


The New Album Finds A Home (..And I Return To Where It All Began)

Well folks, once again I have found a musical home.

As most of you likely realise, sometimes we all feel the need sometimes to return back to the place where everything began. Somewhere that feels comfortable, where the smiles are reassuring and the smells are familiar. A place where you can put your feet up and not be scolded. A place where you’re surrounded by friends, encouraging banter and off in the kitchen there is always an open fire burning and a  pot of soup on the stove. The kind of home where you can stand around an old, out of tune upright piano ’til late at night and harmonise to Bing Crosby tunes with a glass of gin pressed in your hand. Where is that homely musical haven for me? I’m glad you asked.

As it turns out it’s the place where I started. Stuart Coupe at Laughing Outlaw Records was the first person to show some musical faith in me when he signed a pretty naive and wet behind the ears 4 piece band that I was involved in called Hitchcock’s Regret, way back somewhere in the vicinity of 1999-2000. We released a couple of albums on Laughing Outlaw and left after recording our 3rd (and last) – releasing endless_intermission on Spacejunk. A label run by our producer at the time, Tim Powles (drummer/producer for The Church).

Now, years later, here I stand (actually, here I sit)  ready to release solo album number 2 into the ether and find myself lingering at the very gates where the first  symphonious seed was planted. So it is with no further ado that I’d like to announce that my latest 10 track long player will be released on April 5th on Laughing Outlaw Records and Inertia distribution. Here’s hoping that you, dear reader, will join me for the ride. Loads more music/videos/details coming very soon…..