I’m super chuffed to announce that we’ll be returning to the National Folk Festival across the 9th-13th April 2020. All the fellas are coming with me – the full band in tow. The last time we played the festival was back in 2015. We’re looking forward to heading back….exact show times coming soon.


Also, for the month of December I’ll be offering free shipping Australia wide for Fever Dreams on vinyl and CD on my Bandcamp page. For any overseas purchases $10AU shipping for vinyl and $2AU for CD’s.


Over the past 12 months I’ve sold about 5 of these complete box sets (see below) of my CD back catalogue. I’ve finally decided to make them available on Bandcamp.

The boxes are designed and created by me. All the cutting, pasting and varnishing I’m doing myself. I’ll sign them and add a personal message as well. No two boxes will be alike. Due to the fact that my CD stock is shrinking I can do 3 more that will contain 11 CD’s – after that a couple of the LTD Edition CD releases will be all gone and I’ll offer a slimmed down version. 

They contain 3 CD’s from my early 2000’s project Hitchcock’s Regret, 2 CD’s from my side project with Michael CarpenterThe Supahip, plus 6 of my solo releases including a rare EP which contains a co-write with The Church drummer Timothy Powles. Albums produced by Jamie Hutchings, Tim Powles and Michael Carpenter. My musical history from about 2000 onwards.

You can even choose which era of album art you’d like on your box if you’d like to make an order – simply email

Here’s a link if you’d like to grab one on Bandcamp:


Finally a couple more reviews for Fever Dreams have filtered through – including this one from Belgium.

Here’s a translated version courtesy of Google:

The Waiting Room” was the title of the first solo album of Australian folk rocker Mark Moldre from Sydney in 2010. Three years later a second album followed which was entitled “An Ear To The Earth” and was again filled with solid rock songs. His backing band for recording that album consisted of drummer Scott Hutchings, bass player Reuben Wills, lap slid guitar player and banjo player Adam Lang and guitar player Jamie Hutchings.

It is with the same musicians that Mark Moldre now returned to the studio to record his third solo album “Fever Dreams“. The extra guest musicians who were invited to play on a few songs are pianist Jadey O’Regan, Hammond organ player Tim Byron and tenor saxophonist Lee Hutchings. The brand new album contains ten new songs that Mark Moldre himself has composed in recent years.

Don’t expect simple, obvious songs on “Fever Dreams“, but rather skillfully put together melodic and sometimes some mysterious pop and rock songs as presented here in the tracks “Josephine“, “How Long?” Or the intriguing “Full Moon Over Luna Park ”and“ Peak Downs Coal ”, songs that remind me a bit of work by someone like Tom Waits or his Australian compatriots from ‘Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds‘.

Occasionally it goes straightforward like in “Til Now,” Keep On Moving “and with the song” Leave Me Where You Found Me “that was recorded as the first single from this album . The album title track “Fever Dreams I” offered on the second video is based on a repetitive drum beat and sharp rock guitar sounds. Our favorite song on this album, however, is the beautifully sung acoustic Americana ballad “White Lightning“, a catchy song that continues to fascinate and intrigue from start to finish.

This record was recorded live and directly on tape by producer Jamie Hutchings, which definitely enhances the authenticity of Mark Moldre’s work. The fun mix of Americana, jazzy and bluesy tunes, Dylaneske folk songs and driving rock songs turns out to form a wonderful basis for a great album by this Australian singer-songwriter. –

From the retro, Rising Sun airs of opener, Fever Dreams II, through the raggedy blues romp of Leave Me Where You Found Me, to the beautifully moody, swampesque (even a touch of Dylan vocally) throes of Josephine, this is one very diverse musical journey.

Shades of yesteryear’s, bluesy jazz bars (How Long?), lazy, late night martini ambles (Full Moon Over Luna Park) and even some swamped, menaced plodarama (Fever Dreams I).

White Lightning is sparse and seductive, in its own beautifully lackadaisical way.

Til Now takes us on a more cowpoke flavoured venture with its Morricone cool and dusty saloon throes.

Keep On Moving keeps the countrified mode, with its racy train-ride rhythms, before Peak Downs Coal wraps it all up with its sad, sad shades and a slick, slow washover.      

Throw in the superb production of Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss) and you’ve got sure fire winner – Mark Fraser-

That’s all for now – more gig dates for 2020 coming soon.
Love Mark X

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