is the 3rd video creation
taken from my new album Fever Dreams
I made the clip with my wife Jo
who is long suffering and accomodating 
when it comes to working with me 
on these creations
I will point out that she is NOT 
the Josephine at the heart of this song
if I wrote a song about her 
and opened with the lines
“I’m so tired of hearing every thought in your head
I’m turning off the white noise 
and slipping into bed”
…well, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale
Jo and I made the clip together at home
on our phones
after the kids were asleep
I dived into my daughters face paint
(luckily she didn’t wake up 
after the paint was applied –
I would have scared her witless)
we waited til it was real dark
and we crept quietly around the house
while stifling our laughter 
at our own earnest stupidity 
and trying to keep our dog Hubble quiet
(he also plays a starring role in his 15th year)
and please share it around if you enjoy 
our amateur efforts
you can come along and hear
the tunes from Fever Dreams live
when we launch the album in Sydney on
Thursday Sept 5
with Kate Alexander & Hana Brenecki
for Ramblin’ Nights at SLY FOX in Enmore
presented by
Mother Hen Touring & Post To Wire
tickets are on sale now

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