“A ramshackle, rockabilly racket.”

Today Mark Moldre has released the video for ‘Leave Me Where You Found Me’, the second clip to come from his new album Fever Dreams (out Friday, June 21st on vinyl, CD and digital formats – best place to snag a copy will be HERE).

Premiered this week on The Music, the Dylan-referencing track is a ramshackle, rockabilly racket about a paranoid conspiracy theorist who has spent too much time alone in the basement (and in his own head). 

The song (and album) was produced by Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke/The Tall Grass) and the accompanying clip was created by Michael Carpenter (MCMI Music Imaging).

“We recorded it live, the old fashioned way – straight to one inch tape,” explains Moldre. “I knew that I wanted it to be a louder album than my previous records. I wanted to capture what the band can do onstage when all cylinders are firing. A little more avant garde and left of centre than before, with more room for band members to improvise and be themselves.”

Fever Dreams is Moldre’s third solo album and the follow-up to his 2013 release – An Ear To The Earth. It contains some genre-hopping sonic bedlam, fractured Americana-hued ballads, jazz-tinged standards, old-school Jungle Book style reggae and ramshackle/rollicking noir blues, with the fingerprints of Dylan, Waits and Chet Baker buried deep in its DNA. 

From the gently undulating desert sounds of ‘Josephine’ to the raised-glass sway of ‘White Lightning’, the swagger and rockabilly of ‘Leave Me Where You Found Me’ and the gloriously cosmic and eclectic junk-shop jazz of ‘Full Moon Over Luna Park’, the album is defined by the range of its artistic vision.

“Anyone who is a fan of Tom Waits should investigate this guy” – Jeff Jenkins, ABC Melbourne

Over his career, Moldre has opened for artists such as The Church, The Backsliders, The Break, Jim Moginie, Tex Perkins, Steve Kilbey and many more. He’s played festivals such as Dashville Skyline and The National Folk Festival. A recent highlight was taking his complete band line-up to France in July 2018 for a series of successful shows at the Binic Folks Blues Festival (tour diary). Listen for the sound of the Binic bells at the start of ‘Leave Me Where You Found Me’!

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