A few weeks ago we made a start on the follow-up to An Ear To The Earth. I enjoyed making that album so much that I’ve decided to recreate the same atmosphere and record this album in much the same way. So we set up camp in a house at Frenchs Forest for 4 days and captured 10 songs live to an analog tape machine.

Once again Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke) is sitting in the producers chair and Chris Colquhoun is engineering. The old band members all returned: Scott Hutchings (Drums), Reuben Wills (Bass), Adam Lang (Slide and Banjo) and Jamie Hutchings jumped on his trusty Jazzmaster for electric guitar duties. I’m quietly (super) pleased with the results and will be champing at the bit to share it with you.

It’ll be a while before we’ll have anything to make public – but you should finally see some more activity here at Moldre HQ.  Watch out for my new Recording Diary and Studio Pics.



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