Welcome! The kettle’s boiling, but please take your shoes off at the door.

Well, finally it’s here….if I’d been more organised I’d have had my own little web space happening way before this. But I’m not really that organised. And I’m a little tech-phobic. Anyway…now that this site is up and running I’ll do my best to keep it updated regularly. As far as news goes – well, the very quick catch up is that in the past year I’ve managed to start a label, release an album, 1 radio single and 2 EP’s, film a couple of clips (all nicely supported by radio and TV) plus we put together a sold out North Coast-Sydney tour with our friends from  Talltails and played a bunch of shows with The Church. I also put together an online store at Bandcamp– so you can now purchase all my albums (including the Hitchcock’s Regret stuff) at my store – or iTunes if you prefer. You can find all the links by clicking on the album covers in the store on this site…and as I haven’t yet worked out whether or not I can have some kind of MP3 player on this site, you’ll be happy to know that you can stream all the songs in full from the Bandcamp site as well.

As for the future – we’re planning another run of shows for March (all going to plan). In the meantime I’m doing a couple of very cosy dinner shows at a cafe on the Central Coast with multi instrumentalist Adam Lang – you can find the details here. I’ve only just released my latest EP – This Romantic Day – which features 7 bonus tracks (oddities and outtakes from The Waiting Room sessions) and hopefully I’ll be back in the studio early next year recording my second solo album.

I think that brings us up to date…

…pop on by every now and then?

Mark XX


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  1. Good luck Mark, although i live in Wollongong now, i still like supporting the artists from the Central Coast, my old stamping ground.

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